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  Presently, School of Transportation has 199 staffs. Among them there are 142 full-time teachers, of which there are 42 professors, 59 associate professors and 41 senior engineers. In addition, the school has 27 laboratory staffs, of which there are 5 senior experimental professionals. In the school, one staff is the member of the Judgment Group of Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering of the Degree Committee of State Council of China, one is the member of ISSC Expert Committee and three are the members of ITTC manipulation Technical Committee, three are the members of the National High Education Steering Committee. School of Transportation has 5 specialties which covers Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Highway, Bridge and Ferry Engineering, Transportation, Traffic Engineering, and Engineering Mechanics; 13 post-graduate and doctoral programs which include Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering Design, Transportation Planning & Management, Highway & Railway Engineering, Structural Engineering, Hydrodynamics, Engineering Mechanics, Marine Acoustics Engineering, Water Sport Equipment Engineering, Ocean Engineering Structure, Bridge and Ferry Engineering, Logistics Management; 3 post-doctoral programs with Level A discipline including Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Mechanics, and Traffic & Transportation Engineering. Among them, the discipline of Naval Architecture and Ocean Configuration Design and Construction is the national key discipline and the key discipline of Project 211 authorized by the Ministry of Education of China. In addition, Traffic & Transportation Engineering is a provincial key discipline authorized by Hubei Province. The school has now established several research platforms which include Lab of High-speed Ship Engineering, Lab of Techniques for High Performance Ship, the two key laboratories designated by the Ministry of Education, Lab of Roads and Bridges and Structural Engineering, the key laboratory designed by the Department of Education of Hubei Province, The Shipbuilding History Research Centre, as well as the Quality Supervision and Testing Center for the Ships and Bridges etc. The school has taken on a development pattern of multi-disciplines covering water and land, software and hardware, basic theory and application in the field of transportation since it was founded more than 70 years ago.