Innovation Projects

Updated:2017-04-09 22:31:00

Introductions for the award-winning works 

1. Rotating and combined no falling beam pushing device


  Pushing construction is a construction technique which applies pushing device to complete the precast beam’s transportation from shore-side to the pier’s designated sport to erect. The existing push devices still show some shortcomings in construction, such as Low Construction Efficiency, weak applicability, and poor performance and so on. Rotating and combined on falling beam pushing device contains elementary and rotatable units, the elementary unit can realize the cyclical motion “jacking, propel, descend, retreat”; rotatable units can realize multi-direction rotary push. These set of pushing device disperses stress effectively, reduces the bending moment of pier bottom through the multi-point eccentric arrangement; improves construction efficiency, saves energy through the continuous no-load lifting and continuous pushing system; has a good market prospect through various rotary push and uses curved bridge construction. 

2. A maneuver control and vector control system for water jet propulsion ship


  This work is a kind of propulsion control system for improving the maneuver performance of water jet propulsion ship, which can realize the vector control of ship handling, and that that is to say, the direction of the hull’s movement is consistent with the shaking direction of vector control handle on frame control platform, the moving speed of hull is relative to the shake amplitude of the vector control handle, the direction of ship’s heading angle adjustment is consistent with the rotation direction of navigation adjustment knob on vector control handle. With the aid of vector control system, drivers can realize read a variety of complex ship motions under the condition of water jet propulsion only by controlling a vector control handle. 

3. New type of pontoon bottom horizontal low speed flat water flow power generation system


  This work is a vertical shaft water turbine power generation system which uses the low speed flat water flow to generate electricity. Pontoon is now using neither the economic nor the environmental but the diesel generator. The existing pontoon new type of electric generator is costly, and has poor applicability and other shortcomings. Horizontal low speed flat water which is composed of a cylindrical cam and a swing and a swing rod, in order to adjust the upstream gesture of the wing type turbine blade, to achieve the purpose of absorbing the downstream flow kinetic energy effectively, reducing the flow resistance of the vane; the design of horizontal miniaturization can be applied to the pontoon, occupying a small space, easy to promote; the design of vertical shaft makes the diameter of the generating water wheel not limited by water depth, can be used to maximize the use of low speed water flow energy; can be used to maximize the use of low speed water flow energy; can be supplied to the ship’s own electricity, thereby replacing the diesel engine power generation, to achieve the purpose of energy conservation and emission reduction. 

4. Design of a new type of “ice breaking” icebreaker


  The new type of “ice breaking” icebreaker is based on the study of the form of ice failure. This innovation has a unique “narrow top and wide bottom, fore pointed and after blunt” icebreaker bow structure. This work analyzed the bow structure and strengthened it, set the safety size of new type icebreaker midship camber, and the simulation experiment proved the reliability of the damage form of the new type of “ice breaking” icebreaker. The new type of “ice breaking” icebreaker has two unique damage forms, the combination of the two forms to maximize the performance of ice breaking ship.  

5. Wuhan Ruihang traffic technology tunnel engineering Co Ltd


  Wuhan Ruihang traffic technology tunnel engineering co LTD is a tunnel safety improvement program provider which is based on the advanced traffic safety technology research results of school, committed to the development of the “safe, efficient, energy-saving, environmental” tunnel safety issues to improve the program, promotion and service. The company was founded in Wuhan in April 2016 by the students of 2013 of our college, and currently has four related patents. The company mainly provides customers with the tunnel import and export safety improvement program during the start-up stage, in order to improve the tunnel import and export “black bole” effect and “white hole” effect. The company aims to become a leading enterprise in the field of tunnel safety, and promote the reform of tunnel safety issue, for protecting people’s life and property.