Excellent Students

Updated:2017-04-09 22:22:00

   Bao Qin is a master student in major of Road Bridge and River-crossing Engineering and enrolled in 2007. He has been honored as “Hubei annual college student of the 2009”, “national self-renewal college students’ self-improvement star pacesetter”. He came to Hanyuan, Sichuan to be a volunteer in 2008, and devoted himself to the earthquake relief work. He has built two “endless love bridges” for Hanyuan citizens. In addition, he has gained “National Scholarship”, “the May 4th Youth medal on campus”, “outstanding news-publicity individual” and “outstanding individual in summer social practice”, etc. 

   Yifeng Zhang is a master student in the major of Road Bridge and River-crossing Engineering and enrolled in 2014. He is the gainer of the 9th “China youth science and technology innovation”. He is crazy about scientific research. He applied for one National Invention Patent and two National Utility Model Patents. In “Challenge Cup” Utility Model Patents, “Challenge Cup” Extracurricular and Academic Contest, he gained Outstanding Award of Hubei and National Outstanding Award. He was the chair of Graduate student association of Transportation Institute and gained many honors such as Top ten excellent students of WHUT youth, Pacemaker to Merit Student on campus, the School excellent Cadre and “the School Outstanding Graduates, etc. 

   Rihui She is a master student in the major of majoring in the Transportation Planning and Management and enrolled in 2014. He has gained the national 13th challenge-cup outstanding award, ‘Top ten excellent students of WUT youth’ and ‘Outstanding Graduate’ and other honors. After the postgraduate entrance he got plugged into the entrepreneurship, and applied for four national patents, four software copyrights. He ran ‘local O2O’ and ‘the agent’ and other projects. Additionally, as one of the creators, his Wuhan left-point Technology Ltd.’s revenue broke through 50 million in 2015. 

  Vector control team constitutes of 8 students from 5 majors including Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering and Transportation Planning and Management, which invented ‘Water jet propulsion ship maneuvering vector control system’. They gained the Hubei 10th challenge-cup outstanding award the national 14th challenge-cup first prize. And this team also gained ‘WHUT top ten elite groups’. The ship could translate following the control hand shank automatically and spin without going to other places. This team has signed cooperation agreements with 3 units including 711 Institute, applied for one national invention patent and published 1 paper.