Research Projects

Updated:2017-04-09 22:13:00

 Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) 

Scientific Research Project                    - 

In recent 3 years, our school has undertaken 600 scientific research projects, with more than 160 million Yuan research foundetion, and 60 projects of them are on national or provin­cial level. In 2015, the total school reserch revenue increased by 30%, reaching school’s historical peak. 

Key Program 

Research on Some Basic Issues of Ship Multidisciplinary Design Optimization 

General Program 

Saturated Impulse for Ship Plates Subjected to Intensive Dynamic Loading 

Study of numerical method on viscous hydroelasticity of fluid-solid interaction with nonlinear multiphase multibody

Multi-objective Optimization Algorithm based on Physical Programming and Its Application in Ship Hull Form Optimization 

Research on the computational methods of ship maneuverability in mixture of ice and water

Research on Development of Central China and Viability Construction of Wuhan Shipping Center in the Middle Reaches of the Yangtze River 

Research on low cycle fatigue strength of ship hull structure based on accumulated plastic damage

Key Technology of high strength sheet stamping forming based on reconfigurable die with rotary square punch pin

Risk Evolution and Regulation Mechanism of Ships Navigation in Complicated Waters 

Cause mechanism and improvement method of drivers’ visual illusion in the weak reference system of highway tunnel 

Young Program 

Research on High-precision Real-time State Estimation Approach for Deep Ocean Vessel Dynamic Positioning System On the quantitative assessment method of cavitation erosion on hydrofoils 

Study on hydrodynamic force model and effects of fluid-structure interaction on seismic response of the bridge with high piers in deep water subjected to earthquakes 

Failure Modes and Characteristic Parameters of Asphalt Concrete for High-speed Railway Trackbeds 

Study on influence of the flow characteristics of sedimentation basin system on Oncomelania’s activity 

Study of Hydroelasto-plasticity Method of Ship Structure 

Study on Defense Mechanism of Vessels, Broadside Liquid Tanks Subjected to the Damage of Shock Wave Combined with High-speed Fragments during Explosion 

A physical mechanism based visco-elasto-plastic damage constitutive theory and its engineering applications

Research on modeling of fire and pedestrian interaction based on a microscopic heterogeneous pedestrian evacuation dynamics 

Research on collapse mechanism of high pier bridge with buckling of longitudinal reinforcement

Research on distorted similarity law of dynamic response of stiffened plate under blast load

National Youth 973 Program 

Damage Mechanisms of Paving Asphalt Mixtures Serving under All-Weather Conditions 

Ministry of Education 

Research on the Collaborative Innovation for Advanced Ship and Deep-Sea Exploration 

Ministry of Science and Technology 

Damage Mechanisms of Paving Asphalt Mixtures Serving under All-Weather Conditions 

The Technology and Equipment of Hull Plate CNC 3D Surfaces Cold Bending Processing 

Research on the key technology of the high energy efficiency river-sea bulk cargo ship 

Ministry of Transportation 

Research on the Shipping Development Strategies Supporting the Yangtze River Economic Belt Development 

Research on the standard ship dimensions and technology requirements of Three Gorges ship lift 

Multiscale Research on Asphalt Pavement based on the Changing of Climate 

Research on the key technology of the international transport construction in upper Mekong from the boundary marker to Lang Prabang of Laos 

Reseach on transport organization and energy-saving,environ­mentally freandly technologies on Hongshui River energy transport 

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology 

Research of structural safety and light weight design technology 

Structural fatigue assessment on flat-type river-sea-going ship Development and demonstration of river-sea-going container with the character of energy-saving and environment-friendly