Applications of Scientific Research

Updated:2017-04-09 22:17:00

 Digital shipbuilding Equipment 

(1)   Frame Cold Bending Machine 

  With 7 technological patents and independent intellectual property right, the Frame Cold Bending Machine developed by our school is the most advanced cold bending machine for ship steel members in the world, which is capable of process­ing various sectional materials including bulb flat, angle bar, T section and so on. Based on the needs of consumers, the Frame Cold Bending Machine can be used to perform various bending of sectional materials such as face bend, root bend and gooseneck bend, under either numerical control mode or program control mode. It has the functions of intelligence, self-learning and fiill closed-loop control, fully satisfying the requirement of digital manufacturing of ships. Through con­tinuing development for decades, a series of frame cold bending machines have been produced ranging from 50 tons to 800 tons, about 110 machines have been sold to over 90 shipyards in China as well as the shipyards in Japan, Korea and Southeast Asian countries. 

(2)   3D CNC bending machine for ship hull plate 

  A series of CNC bending machine for ship hull plate have been developed by our advanced shipbuilding technology research team, uniting with Shandong Shuoli machinery manu­facturing Co. Ltd. The project is a combination of industry, uni­versity, institute, and customer, which take the hull plate cold-bending forming technology as the breakthrough point. Based on the advanced reconfigurable die technology, ship­building technology, measurement technology, modem infor­mation technology and control, etc.. 3D CNC bending machine for ship hull plate, which integrates machinery, optics, electric, hydraulic, and control technology. The machine with intellec­tual property rights has many patents. The machine is advanced in design, reliable in operation and excellent in performance, and can process ship hull plates automatically.Generally,the machine can replace the line heating technology. The 3D CNC bending machine (type SKWP-2500) for ship plate has been put into production in Jiangnan Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd.. 

Green and Smart River-Sea-Going Ship' s Technology and Industrialization 

      School of transportation has been devoted to the research on the key technology of river-sea-going ships for thirty years. In 2010, the high technology ship research project “Development and Upgrading of Multi-purpose River-sea-going Ship” supported by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology was carried out to solve the key techniques on flat-type ship with large block coefficient. The technical design of a ten thousand tons level river-sea-going multi-purpose ship had been achieved with proprietary intellectual property rights. It was approved by the China Classification Society. The research results reach the international leading level in accordance with the conclusion of experts. In 2014the high technology ship research project “Development of an Energy-Saving and Environmental-Frie­ndly Type River-Sea-Going Demonstration Container” supported by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology was implemented to develop the advanced river-sea-going “3E (Energy-saving, Efficiency and Economic),,level container ship. Up to now, the technical design of thousand TEU level river-sea-going containers navigating from Wuhan to Ningbo has been finished. It is proved by towing tank test that the average fuel consumption per day can be reduced more than 20% comparison with the present river-sea-going container. The EEDI (Energy Efficiency Design Index) is 10% lower than the baseline of IMO standard. The Noise Rules, the Coating Performance Standard and the Emission Standards of Sulfur Oxides and Nitrogen Oxides of IMO are satisfied. The innovation team “Industrialization of flat-type river-sea-going ship” was authorized by the Hubei province and the industrialization is supported by WUT Ship CO., LTD. In 2016“Green and Smart River-Sea-Going Ship’s Technology and Industrialization” is approved as the leading project of first-class discipline of Wuhan University of Technology in order to implement the State Council’s important strategy deployment on building the world-first-class university and the first-class discipline.