India Ministry of Transport Delegation Visiting WUT

Updated:2016-10-19 16:49:00

  On October 18, the Indian Assistant Minister of the Ministry of Transport RajiveKuma and his entourage visited WUT and both parties conducted discussions on "inland water transport construction and development". 



  During the meeting, the leader of International Office of WUT gave a brief introduction to the development of WUT and the construction situation of the talent team. Mr. Rajive Kuma introduced the theme, background and purpose of the visit. 

  Participants exchanged views on the new technologies, new methods and application of new equipment in the improvement and development of waterway, construction and development of harbor and water safety in inland waterways in recent years new channel, and discussed the research results, application experience and problems in the field of inland water transportation. The members of the delegation expressed their appreciation for the achievements made in the talent training and scientific research of inland waterway transportation in China. They thought that China and India have many common features in inland waterway transport development, and hoped that in the future WUTcould strengthen contacts, exchanges and cooperation with India on related affairs. 



  The delegation also visited the navigation museum, large-scale water towing boat pond and related equipment.