WUT-BUL Structural Safety and Integrity Joint Research Centre

Updated:2016-10-14 16:31:00

  On October 13th, the opening ceremony of WUT-BUL structural safety and integrity joint research centre (hereinafter referred to as joint research centre) was held at the School of Transportation, Wuhan University of Technology (WUT). Fellow of the Royal Academy of Sciences, Professor W.G. Price, Dean of the School of Engineering, Brunel University UK Prof. Stefaan Simons, and deputy dean Professor Bin Wang, leaders of WUT International Office and the School of Transportation and faculty and students participated in the ceremony. 



  The Dean of the School of Transportation, Professor Zhu Ling and Prof. Stefaan Simons unveiled the Joint Research Center on behalf of both sides. The goal of the Joint Research Center is to become a leading international research center in the fields of structural safety and integrity. It aims to promote the cooperative research between the two universities in the fields of structural safety and integrity, strengthen the joint cultivation of graduate students, teaching and research personnel, and to deepen the cooperation of the two universities in scientific research, education and personnel exchanges. 



  Before the ceremony, visitors from Brunel University had a discussion with the Dean of School of Communication of WUT; the two sides had an in-depth discussion on personnel training, scientific research and other aspects of cooperation and exchanges.