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1. Department of Naval Architecture


  There are 33 teachers, including 9 professors (6 doctoral supervisors) and 15 associate professors. The department specializes in Ship Hydrodynamic Performance and Optimization, Development of New Ships and Modern Ships, Advanced Manufacturing Technology of Ships and Equipment, Naval Engineering and Shipping Safety. 

  Head: DING, Jiangming           Party secretary: XIANG,Zuquan 

  Deputy: HE, Wei 

2. Department of Ocean Engineering


  There are 13 teachers, including 4 professors (2 doctoral supervisors) and 5 associate professors. The department specializes in Green Technology and Smart Design of Ocean Engineering, Manufacture and Construction Technology of Ocean Engineering, Rescue and Salvage Technology, Development and Application of Ocean Engineering Equipment, Ship Hydrodynamics and CFD technology, acoustic engineering, impact and collision analysis and method. 

  Head: PEI, Zhiyong          Party secretary: LE, Jingxia 

  Deputy: KONG, Xiangshao 

3. Department of Port & Waterway and Structural Engineering


  There are 30 teachers, including 10 professors (7 doctoral supervisors), and 10 associate professors. The department specializes in Structure Static and Dynamic Computation, Stability and Reliability Analysis, Structure Direct Calculation and Optimization Design, Static and Dynamic Tests of Structures, Structural Nondestructive Testing, Structural Integrity and Condition Monitoring. The application of the above research involves Port & Waterway Engineering, NAOE, Bridge Engineering, Steel Structure Engineering and Civil Engineering. 

  Head: LI, Fen           Party secretary: PAN, Jin 

  Deputy: CHEN, Mingsheng 

4. Department of Road and Bridge Engineering


  There are 29 teachers, including 8 professors (5 doctoral supervisors) and 18 associate professors. The department specializes in Road Planning and Design, Advanced Pavement Structures, Geotechnical Engineering, Geological Disaster Assessment, Structural Analysis and Safety Control for Bridges, Inspection and Rehabilitation for Existing Bridges, Fast Construction and Repair Technology in Bridges as well as Rail and Underground Technology. 

  Head: HU, Zhijian         Party secretary: LI, Bin 

  Deputy: XIAO, Xiang 

5. Department of Transportation Management


  There are 19 teachers, including 7 professors (6 doctoral supervisors), and 7 associate professors. The department specializes in International Shipping and Integrated Logistics, Traffic Planning Methodology, Optimization and Decision Making of Transportation System, Comparative Study of International Transportation Economics and Management, Investment and Financing of Traffic and Transportation Infrastructure, Intelligent Transportation Theory and Practice. 

  Head: TU, Min        Party secretary: Dong, Shengping 

  Deputy: CHEN, Yanyi 

6. Department of Traffic Engineering


  There are 11 teachers, including 3 professors (3 doctoral supervisors) and 3 associate professors. The department specializes in Regional and Urban Traffic Planning and Management, Highway and Urban Traffic Control, Traffic Control Information System, Traffic Safety and Environment, Urban Traffic Impact Analysis, Highway Post Evaluation, and Basic Theory of Intelligent Transportation. 

  Head: DU, Zhigang        Party secretary: YIN, Liang 

  Deputy: ZHAO, Xin 

7. Key Laboratory of High Performance Ship Technology (Wuhan University of Technology)Ministry of Education


  There are 30 staffs, including 9 permanent staffs and 21 temporary staffs. The permanent staff includes 4 professors (3 doctoral supervisors) and 1 associate professor. The major research contains Multidisciplinary Optimization of Hydrodynamic Performance of High Performance Ship, Blast and Impact Assessment and Protection Technology, Lightweight Structure of High Performance Ship and Special Manufacturing Technology, Power System and Device of High Performance Ship, Vibration and Noise Control Technology of High Performance Ship. 

  Director: LIU, Zuyuan 

  Deputy: XU, Haixiang